Being a renter can be tough. Since we don’t own apartments or houses for rent, it can often feel like you’re living someone else’s life. Not in a Talented Mr. Ripley kind of way, but it’s not your space. But turning rental properties into warm and inviting dwellings that feel permanent isn’t impossible. You might need help figuring out how to do it, though.

It all starts with what makes you feel at home. For some people, it’s a comfortable bed and a special lamp. For others, it could mean a big-screen TV and leather couches. You have to design your rental the way you want it. This takes time, effort, and most importantly, a clear vision. You can’t blindly turn apartments or houses for rent into homes if you have no idea what that means to you.

With all that in mind, some home ideas are universal. If you want to make a rental property feel like home, you need to have some of the basics down. These following tips will have you feeling cozy in your rental in no time.


Do More With Less

To all you closet hoarders out there: take notes. Making a rental property feel like home doesn’t mean overstuffing it with, for lack of a better term, more stuff. This is especially true in apartments for rent, but it also applies to houses as well. Something might hold sentimental value to you, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to make your space feel homey.

In fact, we’re arguing for the other side. Keeping your space neat and tidy with little homey touches will make it feel more like a real home. No matter how big the apartment or house you’re renting is, optimizing space is critical. Don’t add a massive wall of unnecessary posters or keep a dated VHS collection that overflows into your living room.

That doesn’t mean you can’t be a collector of memorabilia! However, be creative with what you include in the eyesight of your space. Have a strategically placed poster here or there and use your VHS collection as an art installment of sorts. Have some fun with it. Don’t slap a bunch of random items from your past together and call it home sweet home. This is your opportunity to do more with less.


Stay Stocked With Essentials

There’s nothing worse than an apartment or house that’s missing things. That could mean anything from forks and knives to toilet paper. There are some things that every apartment or house needs to feel like home — they’re essentials for a reason.

Make it easy on yourself and put together a list. Figure out what your rental property needs and purchase things to keep in stock at all times. Of course, you may have to top up on certain things but knowing what you need is the first step. Keep a rotating list to make sure all the essentials are around and in arm’s reach when you need them.


Add Some Personal Touches

Remember earlier when we told you not to be a hoarder? Well, that’s still true. That said, you’re still allowed to add your own spin on a space but think clean and tidy. Despite being a rental property, there need to be things that make it feel like home. We’re talking family portraits, favourite sofas, and even fridge magnets. Whatever you need to feel at home.

Keep in mind, however, that there’s a thin line between personal touches and hoarding. If you find yourself continually rummaging through those personal touches to find stuff — you’re probably doing too much. Make sure everything you have is tastefully blended into the space and doesn’t make it feel cluttered.

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