Strata Services – FAQs

Q. What types of Strata Corporations does Pemberton Holmes Ltd. manage?

Our Strata Management Portfolio consists of various types of Strata Corporations including Condos, Town Homes, Heritage Buildings, and Single Family Homes / Lots on Bare Land. We manage Residential and Commercial properties, Sectioned Stratas and Types Stratas that are established or new construction.

Q. What is the Strata Council’s Role?

The Strata Council shall remain in control of all decisions as the executive of the strata council while Pemberton Holmes does the management footwork. Our objective is to present Council all the available options, make recommendations based on our professional experience and execute the management tasks according to the instructions received from Council.

The strata corporation is responsible for managing and maintaining the common property and common assets of the strata corporation for the benefit of the owners. Subject to the Strata Property Act (section 4 and 26), the regulations and the bylaws, the Council exercises powers and performs duties of Strata Corporation, including the enforcement of bylaws and rules.

Q. What is the Strata Manager’s Role?

Our strata management company and strata managers are legally obligated to protect and promote the clients’ interests. The Strata Manager communicates directly with the Strata Council and Owners, attends and coordinates Strata Council Meetings and Annual / Special General Meetings, assists in the enforcement of the Corporation bylaws and rules, completes on-site inspections of the property and books to establish the overall physical and financial state.

Q. What involvement does the Strata Manager have with maintenance of the Strata Corporation?

The Strata Manager coordinates building and grounds maintenance according to the operating budget and with the instruction from the Strata Council. The Strata Manager will screen, qualify, and hire independent contractors as required by the Strata Council.

Q. How involved is Pemberton Holmes with insurance renewals and claims?

The Strata Manager oversees the annual renewal of the insurance policy and works with the insurance broker and adjusters for any insurance claims.

Q. What are your hours of operation?

Our Pemberton Holmes Strata Office is open 9am-5pm on business days. Strata Managers often participate in evening meetings to accommodate the schedules of the Strata Council members and Owners for Council Meetings and Annual / Special General Meetings. 24 hour emergency response is also available for Owners.

Q. Does Pemberton Holmes maintain a website for our Strata Corporation?

Yes, Strata Corporation documents, minutes, and information is available 24 hours a day for Owners through our client login page.

Q. Does Pemberton Holmes assist with capital projects?

Yes, depreciation report and capital expense project assistance is available as required.

Q. Which generally accepted accounting principal are financials prepared under?

Pemberton Holmes maintains an operating and contingency account for each strata property and maintains the financials for each strata corporation using cash basis of accounting.

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