Rental properties come with their fair share of unique challenges. Among the most common is dealing with excessive light and noise. While this is generally indicative of downtown living, any neighbourhood can suffer from these issues. Try as you may, solutions aren’t always easy to come by.

The main culprit behind excessive light and noise are almost always windows. If you live near a busy street, there are lights everywhere at night. That alone can drive you nuts and make you want to get on the phone with property management. Add to that the splendid sounds of regular nightcrawlers and you’ve got a surefire recipe for some seriously grumpy mornings.

What if we told you there was a way to avoid that? Would that be something you might be interested in? Well, you’re in luck. We’ve compiled a list of different window treatments to fight back against excessive light and, to a lesser extent, noise. Without further ado, let’s get into the three best window treatments for your rental.




The beauty behind curtains (no pun intended) is really in the dual purpose they serve. They’re fantastic for minimizing excessive light in a rental, but they also add a decorative element. With so many different fabric and colour options, there are curtains to match any kind of rental space — modern or vintage.

Another growing trend is the rise of noise-reducing curtains. While they generally look the same as regular curtains, they’re made with thicker and heavier fabric. This denser material absorbs sound at a much higher rate than regular curtains. They also come in a variety of design styles to match your rental.

Unfortunately, there are some downsides to curtains. Since they’re usually quite large and hang a bit, they can collect dust easily. Also, while they do an excellent job of blocking sunlight, lighter fabrics can start fading over time. If you want to maximize light reduction, darker fabrics are the better option.




Blinds are the old faithful of window treatments. While they don’t add an exciting design element the same way curtains do — they’re much more practical. They’re very easy to use, maintain, and their durability makes them a top choice for most rental properties. You’ll certainly see your fair share of white metal blinds as a renter.

That said, there are still some options when it comes to blinds. While not as many decorative choices as curtains, you can still get blinds in metal, wood, or plastic. Their utility makes them the most popular choice in rental properties, but there’s also the customization element. Adjusting the blind cord can give you whatever amount of light you want without having to put all the blinds up or down.


Roman Shades


If you’re looking for something in-between curtains and blinds for your rental — roman shades are undoubtedly the top option. They’re made up of elegant folds but customized to the specifications of your window. This makes them something of a hybrid between curtains and blinds.

With that in mind, they also come at a premium. Roman shades are usually much more expensive than curtains or blinds. Since they have to be customized to the windows you have, you may not feel like dishing out that extra cash in a rental, either. Regardless, some people still gravitate towards this window treatment because they combine design and utility seamlessly. 

No matter what kind of window treatment you choose, we’ve got the right rental for it. Visit our residential listings page to find the top rental properties on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands