Running your own business is an exciting prospect. Sure, it can be hectic and even downright chaotic at times — but it’s yours. Whether it’s a passion project or a great business idea (better yet — both), everyone has to start somewhere. That somewhere usually translates into a makeshift office in your home or garage.

And a cozy home office is great. You can rock your pyjamas while sipping coffee out of your favourite mug. However, like any successful business out there, you want to grow and evolve. Eventually, that one-person home office will not reflect the size and increasing demands of your business.

To keep up with the size and growing demands, you need to know when it’s time to find a viable commercial space for rent for your business. Whether you’re running a tech startup or an accounting firm, you can’t run it from home forever. So how can a commercial space help you drive business? We’re glad you asked.


Perception of Professionalism


Optics are everything when it comes to business. You only get one chance to make a first impression on a potential client. Even if that client loves your product or service, they might not look at you with the same respect as someone with lesser skills but a real commercial space. It’s not necessarily fair, but optics are just that crucial. 

It’s also not a knock against you per se, but the perception of a home office still has some stigma attached to it in many professional circles. If you want to be taken seriously, chances are you won’t want to meet a client at your house with pets or children potentially running around.

Sure, you could meet up at a restaurant or cafe. But doesn’t it seem a little inconvenient for both you and the client to keep doing that over and over instead of having a private place to meet and talk? We certainly think so.


Increase Your Productivity


Working from home is simultaneously one of the most fun and frustrating experiences you can have. While the home perks speak for themselves, there’s also no one or nothing to hold you accountable. You don’t feel the energy of a real place of business because at the end of the day — it’s still home.

Procrastination is almost inevitable. Even if you’re the most productive person on the planet, the comfort of home can still hinder that production. Getting a commercial space for rent can help motivate you in that regard. You’ll feel a sense of purpose in a real workplace that isn’t your home. This will help you stay engaged in daily tasks and client interactions.


Space for Expansion


When it comes to a growing business, size matters. Once your product or service reaches a certain level of success, you’re merely going to need more room. Whether that’s to build things or house more employees, reaching out to a property management company to view an office space for rent is not a bad idea.

You’re essentially allowing your business to flourish. With a larger commercial space, your opportunities to expand multiply. Whatever facet of your business you want to grow, it doesn’t matter — you now have space. 

If you’re bringing on employees, make sure you look into a commercial space that matches how many are joining. Don’t get an office space for rent that is built for 30 employees when you’re only adding four.

Looking for a commercial space for rent to help grow your business? Visit our commercial listings page to find a space for your business on Vancouver Island or the Gulf Islands.