Life changed for everyone when the COVID-19 virus erupted, but when you live in an apartment, you have different concerns than most homeowners. How do you stay safe and healthy when you’re in relatively close quarters with non-family members? And what if you live alone in your apartment? We’ve gathered some resources to help you navigate this unusual situation so you can come through with flying colors.


Good, Clean Living


The last several weeks have seen our world redefine what it means to be clean. That alone can feel pretty complicated, so we broke it down into the essentials.


  • Ensure you wash your hands thoroughly and frequently.
  • Keep your living environment clean from top to bottom.
  • Avoid bringing germs into your apartment on your shoes.
  • Quarantining with roommates can be particularly complicated, so learn what to do about sharing items and separating belongings.
  • You are entitled to a fully functioning apartment. If you need repairs, rest assured that there are ways to have your apartment serviced while you stay safe.


Optimize Your Physical Health


Staying well involves more than just avoiding germs as much as possible. In the event you do come into contact with germs, keeping your body healthy will help you fight it off.



Alone But Not Lonely


Apartments can feel particularly small when you’re in lockdown, especially if you live there by yourself. Maintaining your mental health is just as important as maintaining your physical health, so look for ways to ensure you’re connected with others.


  • Many people are fostering or adopting pets for companionship. However, just make sure you’re ready for the commitment.
  • If you’re missing your crew, plan a virtual happy hour to reconnect!
  • You can even enjoy the bar scene with online trivia nights.
  • Looking for ways to make friends? Consider joining an online book club.


Getting Out and About


Staying in your apartment isn’t always possible. When you must go out, an ounce of prevention is, as they say, worth a pound of cure.


  • Finding masks to wear when you go out is challenging, but recommended.
  • Essential shopping must go on. When you head to places like the grocery store, be aware of how to limit your risks.
  • If you are high risk, be aware of the special times set aside for your shopping safety.
  • Kids don’t understand what’s happening. Getting them out to play is a must, just make sure that if you head to places like playgrounds, your family follows best practices.


Life in an apartment can be stressful when there is a pandemic outside your door. Take steps to stay safe, happy, and healthy, and remember that we’re all in this together.


By Dylan Foster of

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